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Three Interior Painting Tricks From a Professional Interior Painting Service

Achieving a Flawless Finish on Your Interior Walls

Achieving a flawless finish on your interior walls requires more than just a steady hand and a bucket of paint. Professional painters employ a range of techniques to ensure a polished result that transforms any space. Here are three professional interior painting tricks used by the pros that you can implement for a truly professional finish.

Perfecting Surface Preparation:

One of the secrets to a professional-looking paint job lies in meticulous surface preparation. Before reaching for the paintbrush, take the time to repair any cracks, holes, or imperfections in the walls. To produce a smooth canvas, sand the surfaces and be sure to remove any dust or dirt. A pre-approved step that improves paint adherence and guarantees a consistent finish is applying a high-quality primer. Time spent on preparation creates the ideal environment for a perfect paint job.

Mastering the Cut-In Technique:

Achieving clean, straight lines along edges and corners can be challenging, but professional painters swear by the cut-in technique. Rather than relying solely on painter’s tape, use a high-quality angled brush to carefully cut in along edges before rolling on the main coat. This method allows for greater control, resulting in sharp lines and a polished finish. Take your time with this step, and the results will speak for themselves.

The Wonders of the Wet Edge:

Maintaining a “wet edge” is a crucial trick that prevents visible seams or lap marks in your paint job. To achieve this, work in small sections, keeping a wet edge by overlapping each stroke into the previous one before it dries. This technique ensures a smooth transition between sections, eliminating uneven texture and color variations. Whether you’re rolling or brushing, mastering the wet edge is a key aspect of achieving a professional finish.

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